About KILI Medical Drain Carrier

Every year, more than 770,000 patients are involved with medical procedures requiring a JP wound-care drain. The drain and drain line are installed to allow naturally-occurring fluids to flow out and away from the surgical area, preventing a hematoma or an abscess from forming.

Often, a patient’s pre-op appointment doesn’t include warning about the device. Soon they discover that drain bulbs are uncomfortable, confining and awkward. Most hospital discharge teams provide safety pins or clips to attach drains to gowns or clothing.

KILI Carrier is the first clinical device that offers patients an alternative solution. Several hospitals now implement the KILI Carrier as part of post-op protocol, allowing patients to immediately become independent and more mobile. Patients can now shower comfortably, without fear or pain of ripping sutures from their skin.

Selected 2017 GuideWell Cancer Challenge “Best Active Solution” Award.