The Patient Experience

The Medical Drain Carrier can improve recovery time and prevent drain lines from snagging on household hazards.

Importantly – you can shower independently, using both hands for bathing.

What Medical Drain Carrier users are saying:

“I did not take it off for the whole time I had the drains. We showered, lounged, walked and slept together. It was so easy to wash in the shower, allowing me to also wash the drains. It was a great gift and blessing at a very difficult time. Thank you so much!”
Suzi C
“Wow, this thing helped me so much through my recovery from my mastectomy. The nurse was like, why don’t the other patients get those? It has been perfect and saves me the trouble of pinning the drain to my clothes.”
Elaine S
“This works wonderful and takes the pressure off from hanging/tugging drains. Awesome!!”
Laura A
“I bought this for my Mom who had ovarian cancer removed. She loved it! She said she doesn’t have to hold her drains while she showers anymore. Thank you for creating this product! I would do anything to make her feel more comfortable.”
Elizabeth D
“Perfect for the shower. A must for every mastectomy patient.”
Jennifer D
“This product has been great. I’m on day 4 of recovery from a mastectomy and reconstruction and haven’t taken it off. It’s super comfortable and easy to sleep in. My post-op nurse was amazed with this product and how handy it is.”
Phi M