Patient Experiences

Some patients who’ve used KILI Carrier share their stories:

I did not take it off for the whole time I had the drains. We showered, lounged, walked and slept together. It was so easy to wash in the shower, allowing me to also wash the drains. It was a great gift and blessing at a very difficult time. Thank you so much!
Suzi C

I recently used the carrier for my breast operation and it was very helpful throughout the process following surgery. It was easy to keep on and use, especially with multiple drains. I especially like how it dried quickly after showering and I would definitely recommend it to other patients. Thank you for the design and the use of this great product.
Sheryl P

(I) have had numerous drains, and yes, was told to use safety pins, and yes, there’s no place to pin them when you shower! Painful tugging? Absolutely! This is a fantastic idea. Wish I’d had one 11 years ago!
Kathy F

When the drains get full they get heavy, so putting them inside the carrier is really nice. Being able to change clothes without the drains dangling then re-pinning them to the clothes I am changing into is so awesome. Anyone with a medical drain should have one of these!
Stephanie M