At the James Comprehensive Cancer Center, they’ve developed an oncology-specific emergency department for patients with cancer. The Center, affiliated with Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, opened their doors in 2015.

According to the attending medical professionals, they’ve have discovered many ways patients benefit from cancer-focused emergency care.

  • They keep a high level of suspicion, investigating for possible cancer progression and considering complications of the cancer and its treatment.
  • With explicit knowledge of cancer treatments, and their side effects, it helps provide correct and expedient diagnosis for patients.
  • They know that when things are off in a patient with cancer, there’s more to be done than just the basic workup.

As an example, a patient with renal-cell carcinoma came in complaining of 1-month duration of pain that went from his lower shoulder blade all the way to the middle of his chest. A CT scan revealed that the cancer had metastasized into his spine and had pushed on the spinal cord, causing the wrapping pain.

There’s a variety of ways to improve the patient experience for those diagnosed with cancer. A cancer-only emergency room, medical specialists with cancer treatment experience and convenient devices for post-surgical recovery. The KILI Medical Drain Carrier is meant to restore dignity and independence. A simple, yet novel solution – it’s currently in use at University of Chicago Medical Center, UC Davis Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

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