Testimonials from Medical Professionals

Doctors and nurses share their feedback:

It’s exciting to see the KILI Medical Drain Carrier in my hospital and clinic. Drains are a big pain point for patients, and the KILIi Carrier tackles some major issues head on. Patients can now shower comfortably without the fear or pain of ripping sutures from their skin. At home, patients can go to dinner with their family and have the drains neatly concealed beneath their clothes. Surgeons place drains every day for many different procedures, and patients often live with drains for weeks at a time. I wish we had the Kili Carriers available sooner, as they truly enhance the recovery process.
Benjamin T. Lemelman, MD
University of Chicago Medicine

A great innovation and an ideal way to address the distress of managing post-surgical drains.
Ernie Bodai, MD
Director, Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute & originator of the USPS Breast Cancer Stamp

It’s a very simple low-cost and effective way to manage drains. I think it’s a great idea, based on a patient’s personal experience. She saw a problem, developed a solution and brought it back to us with the intent to improve other patients’ experience.
Gary Kurtz, Post Anesthesia Care Nurse Manager
UC Davis Medical Center