Bipartisan cooperation makes the system work.

Bipartisan cooperation makes the system work.

If the year 2016 is known for surprises – one of the best is a bipartisan vote to secure funding for finding help for our country’s major health issues.

On Dec. 6, the bill, known as the 21st Century Cures Act, legislators passed the measure in a classic approach to legislation, with policy victories and some disappointments for both parties, and potential benefits for nearly every American whose life has been touched by illness, drug addiction and mental health issues.

The bill gives the health institutes the authority to finance high-risk, high-reward research using special procurement procedures, as opposed to more conventional grants and contracts. It also requires the agency’s director to establish “Eureka prize” competitions to advance biomedical research and improve treatments for serious illnesses.

KILI Medical Drain Carrier is ready to join the endeavor to make patients central to future innovations. Let’s find where there’s voids and opportunities, based on patient experience. Include those who have been affected by disease, mental health diagnosis and addiction to find solutions. KILI Carrier is the direct result of a patient who wore JP Drains and refused to let others accept safety pins as management tools.

Drain Management innovation for post surgical patients.

Where can you help? Write your local legislators and involve yourself in the future of global healthcare.