A double mastectomy patient sent us this message:

“Until one has a drain hanging from their body, they can’t understand why this tool is crucial to surgery recovery. A simple Drain Carrier is able to change a patient’s life at one of the most difficult junctures most people will encounter.”

Really, it’s a discomfort most will not understand until it happens to them. A cancer patient is in a compromised position, relying on a team of nurses to prescribe post-surgical procedures. In almost all cases, a nurse will provide a safety pin or clip as a means of managing wound-care drains, usually heavy with fluid.

Pins or clips are not effective and can actually increase the likelihood tearing the drain tube away from sutures.

A simple low-tech solution is now used in a number of US hospitals. The KILI Medical Drain Carrier was created by a nine-time surgical patient, very familiar with wound-care drains. A wonderful gift to a patient, it is also a help to nursing teams who must empty and measure fluid while the patient is in their care.

Watch this video.